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Trip application forms

The following link will take you to an information sheet and a set of application forms for the next work team to Haiti. Trip application forms for October/November 2011 home-building team For general information about past and future trips, please refer to this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From Hawaii to Haiti

This trip report is from a young man from Hawaii who had never been to Haiti before: Day 1: Wednesday  - “The Awakening” We left Hawaii later in the evening around seven or eight pm.  At first, my initial thoughts and feelings towards the trip were anticipation and excitement: What will God have for us? Who will God place into our path for us to meet? What will Haiti be like? What will the team members be like?  These questions filled my head throughout the many hours from Honolulu to Los Angeles, as well as from Los Angeles to Miami.  These flights and the long layover in LAX really helped me to form the start of a special relationship ...