More from Haitian Handmade!

Haitian Handmade is a program designed to sell products made in Haiti back here in the US in order to help the artisan that created the product and Servants for Haiti. This December we kicked off the selling of these products at a local craft fair. Veronica Gadbois, who is heading up our fundraising for Servants for Haiti sold Haitian products at the local Westford Bazaar. This was a huge success for Servants for Haiti and the artisans in Haiti as this was the first time their sewing products were sold to the public back in the US. Servants for Haiti just started a sewing program in June. Most of the artisans did not even know how to sew before Veronica went to Haiti to show them how. The artisans created tablecloths and different styles of bags from small night bags, computer bags, grocery shopping bags made from recycled rice bags and bags made from lined burlap. It was very exciting to sell these bags and have people enjoy the story that comes with each bag. All our bags include information about the artisan who created the bag.




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