Third Biznis Pam class wrapping up

BiznisPamSqrThe third session of our Biznis Pam program is wrapping up.  Graduation from this session was held on Friday, January 18, 2013.  Participants who have successfully and diligently completed all course work and have their business plans approved will receive their loans at the start of February.

The ten students were chosen by the founder and administrator of Biznis Pam, Monite Métélus-Louis based on need.  Monite commented on this group, her largest class so far, as possessing a “good sense of responsibility.”

That attitude bodes well for their future success.  Once they have established their businesses and repaid their loans, the money will be freed up to put more students through the program and create more jobs.

As a side benefit of this work, we are employing people to administer the Biznis Pam program.  For example, one young woman was hired to work as a secretary for this training class.  She used the money she earned to further her own education in the medical field at Quisqueya University.

Thank you for supporting Biznis Pam and the future employers of Haiti!


Class members proudly display their course completion certificates.


Biznis Pam leader and instructor Monite (seated) with three of the graduates from the latest session. The slogan on the wall behind them is Creole that reads: “Plan, create, and how to manage a small business”.

For an update on the progress of our graduates, visit this post.

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