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Third Biznis Pam class wrapping up

The third session of our Biznis Pam program is wrapping up.  Graduation from this session was held on Friday, January 18, 2013.  Participants who have successfully and diligently completed all course work and have their business plans approved will receive their loans at the start of February. The ten students were chosen by the founder and administrator of Biznis Pam, Monite Métélus-Louis based on need.  Monite commented on this group, her largest class so far, as possessing a "good sense of responsibility." That attitude bodes well for their future success.  Once they have established their businesses and repaid their loans, the money ...

Meet Monite

Monite Métélus-Louis is SFH's "person on the ground" in Haiti.  She administers our micro-loan program, including training future business people who will be the recipients of those loans.  We describe her new enterprise, Biznis Pam, in another post. She's such a prize, however, we'd love you to get to know her.  Recently, SFH president Laurae Richards interviewed Monite.  Here's one excerpt. Come back later for more clips from this interview. (We apologize for the sound quality.  Haiti can be a noisy place!)