SFH Teams: An impartial view

Usually, we post trip reports from participants on our teams.  During the summer 2013 trip, however, an EMT who was in Haiti and working with our group made the following observation about our team:

Hey everybody, here is hope and reason not give up on our young people. This is a group of high school students that were in last week. Their leaders, Laurae, Doug, and Kirk told me they were workers, but me being me and a skeptic thought I will give them a few little jobs around. Man, I was wrong. These young men and young ladies worked this poor old country boy ragged. They painted the outside of the first floor. Let me tell you I have seen professional painters that could not have done better. No drips, no runs, no errors. lol. Then they dug most of the yard down a foot or more and started installing paving stones. They dug with pick and shovels no skid steer here. To top it off, Doug, Kirk, and some of the others redid the boys restroom in the back. These guys worked hard!! They started every morning with prayer then got busy. Okay, all of this stuff is well and good, but here is the kicker: Even pulling up stinky commodes, mixing cement by hand, digging in rocks with a pick and shovel, and painting in the heat, I never heard anyone complain. Folks, it’s so hot in Haiti in June I promise. So Laurae, Doug, Kirk, and all you young people, my hat is off to you. You were an inspiration. I’ll see y’all next year Lord willing. Love y’all.

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