Biznis Progress

Back in November, our first Biznis Pam class graduated from entrepreneurial training.  We thought you might like to know how they’re doing today.

Monite, our field director and trainer, sent us an update this past week.  Here’s the good news:

Of the five people who attended the first class, four created business plans that were approved and funded with micro-loans.  (The fifth student didn’t meet all class requirements.)  All four new businesses are in operation.  Here is Monite’s report on the status of each:

Some of Johnny's treats ready for sale.

Three of the four new businesses are growing.  One of the ladies keeps thanking us for her  loan. Another, who has been selling women’s clothing recently started selling a new clothing item for men.  Our candy seller added cookies to his list of tasty products.

All four have already made their initial loan repayments on time.  All this reflects tremendous success for which we are very thankful and gratified.  It clearly affirms the effectiveness of our new program.

Monite’s summary of the work is, “…so exciting that SFH is involved in that!”

What’s next?  Monite is ready to begin her second session, with potential students on a waiting list.  The demand for the training is very high.  The only thing holding us up is financial support for the training and a new set of loans.  Our trivia fundraiser helped, but we need you, too.

Can you commit to helping a family start a new business and thereby a new hope for the future?  It’s more involved than sponsoring a child, but it pays long term dividends to the family, neighborhood, and nation.  Contact us or donate today to learn how you can be part of building a brighter tomorrow for Haiti.

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