First Class!

The first group of students in our Biznis Pam program have graduated and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s the proud class and their teacher, Monite (far right).

The five students  gave uniformly positive evaluations of their learning experience.  Some of their feedback included the following comments:

  • Thanks to this training I know and understand what business is.  Thanks a ton, Biznis Pam.  Because of you and your help my dream will come true.
  • I love all days of the training.  Now I am ready to create and manage a business. I learned a lot of things from the interactions between us.
  • Now I know more about business.  I know how to reach as many customers as possible. Thanks a lot to the teachers.
  • Thanks a lot for this training.  Now I will apply these principles in my business.
  • I learned a lot that will help me in my business.  Thanks a lot to the teachers who were very kind to teach me those things.
  • I hope that Biznis Pam choose more people for the training next time.

With your help, we will be able to fulfill that last wish.  We plan to have more classes and increase the size over time, but it will take funding.  Visit our online donation page to make it happen.

The next step for our budding entrepreneurs will be to implement the business plans that they developed in class using funds that SFH will supply.  Return to these pages to read about their progress.

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