Biznis Pam!

Saturday, October 15, 2011, marks one of the most exciting events in the history of Servants for Haiti.

The first of twelve classes for a group of aspiring Haitian entrepreneurs will be held with the sponsorship and support of SFH.  Haitian businesswoman and friend of SFH, Monite Métélus-Louis, will teach five men and women the principles of starting and running a small business.  When they successfully complete the training, SFH will provide loans so they can implement the business plans that they develop during the class.

Servants for Haiti will underwrite each student’s tuition, which covers the course and all materials.  In order to ensure the student is committed to the program, each one is required to pay a nominal registration fee.  Even after they complete the class and receive their loans, the students will not be left completely on their own.  Monite will follow each class member’s progress for three months to help increase their chances of success.

When this group “graduates” from the course in six weeks, a new session with a fresh set of future employers will follow them.  And the cycle continues…

Monite has named her training program “Biznis Pam“, a well-known and profound Creole expression loosely translated as “My Business”.  The motto for her initiative is:

If you plan three months: plant rice, if you plan ten years: plant trees, but if you plan for life: invest in your education.

Soon, after they have made that long term investment, her students will take their learning into the real world.  We fully expect them to report back on the success of those businesses. When they do, we will pass that news on to you.

This is exactly where Servants for Haiti wants and needs to be: enabling Haitians toward a new beginning, creating jobs and hope.  We – and you, with your support – are playing a small but significant role in the rebuilding of a stronger Haiti.  If you want to stand with us in this effort, please consider donating toward this program on our online donation page .

Monite Métélus-Louis

Get to know Monite here.

Return to these pages for more information on our business development plans.  We’re certain that you’ll catch our excitement about what God is doing in Haiti.

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