KKO Adoption update

Many people have been asking about adoptions from Kingdom Kids Orphanage.  Here is the current status.

Several children were already well into the adoption process when the earthquake hit.  All but one of those children have been brought to their new homes in the U.S. through humanitarian visas.  We are still working on the last of these.

If you have just begun the adoption process, or wish to do so, please be aware that the full process will be followed.  This process can take years.  This is for the protection of the children involved.

Many new children have been brought into the orphanage since the earthquake.  These children are also available for adoption through the usual process.  We are currently documenting the new children.  When we are done, we will be seeking sponsors for them.

Please also note that children who are awaiting adoption still need sponsors so that they can be properly fed and cared for until such time as they can join their adoptive families.

We appreciate your understanding in these critical matters.

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