After a three month hiatus, school is back in session at College Jean Rigaud Antoine, the school that SFH-supported children attend.  This is a major milestone in the long road to recovery from the devastating earthquake of January 12.

The CJRA building had been designated as safe for occupation by Haitian inspectors some time ago, but the government just recently approved reopening schools.  Many school buildings in Port-au-Prince were destroyed, but CJRA sustained minimal damage during the quake and ensuing aftershocks.

In spite of the reopening, very few of the students have returned to class.  Many fled the city to the perceived safety of the countryside after the quake.  Others are still understandably wary of going to classes in the large concrete structure.  Help has been made available at the school for students who have been traumatized by the earthquake.

We fully expect that over time the school will be in full swing once again.  In the meantime, classes are in session and the children have taken a large step to returning to a life of normalcy, as measured by Haitian standards.

Follow our news posts as we receive updates from the school.

CJRA today

CJRA school, March 2010

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