Small Change Adds Up to Big Change in Students’ Lives

The Loose Change fundraiser described in the accompanying article is now complete.  In the end, all those bottles filled with pennies, nickels, and dimes – yes, there were a few bills in there, too – added up to $7504.25.  That money will go to feed unsponsored students at CJRA school.  Now the kitchen staff won’t have to turn away as many hungry students just because they haven’t been sponsored yet.

Three New England churches combined for this fundraiser.  Grace Community in Chelmsford, MA, raised $4143.49 on its own.

Would you like to part of the solution to this situation?  Here are two ways you can do so:

  1. Hold your own Loose Change fundraiser.  Contact us at and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.
  2. Sponsor a child… or two… or more.  Every student sponsored is one less child who requires the help of this extra feeding program.

Think of this as a way you can make a difference for more than one child at a time!

“March Outreach Madness” Loose Change Fundraiser

It’s estimated that, at any given time, there is about 7.7 billion dollars in loose change out of circulation, often collected in bottles and piggy banks in our homes. If  you want to try something like the following to make the most of that situation, contact us at

Grace Community Church in Chelmsford, MA, is holding a unique fund raising program, taking advantage of something you probably have lying around your house. Read this description and see if it’s something your organization can try…

Do the coins in your pocket, under the cushions in the sofa, and tossed on the kitchen counter drive you crazy?  Coins have less and less value in our society, especially those copper pennies.  But, if we all throw our coins into one big pool and send them to Haiti, the value of those coins exponentially increases.  It can feed many children for months.  [GCC] Outreach Ministries has dedicated the month of March to collecting as many coins as we can to feed Haitian children living in poverty.

Servants for Haiti (SFH), an organization built by people from Grace Community, have a sponsorship program to feed children at the College Jean Rigaud Antoine.  There are 500 children attending this school.  Only 50% of the children have either the means to pay for lunch or are covered by SFH.  The other children cannot be fed.  They spend lunchtime playing while the other children eat.  We can change this equation.

Beginning March 1st, Kristin Scott and Laurae Richards, from SFH, will have bottles available for you to take and fill with coins.  You can bring them home, to work, the neighborhood, the gym or school.  Let’s stretch ourselves and see how many bottles we can fill, and fill, and fill.  At the end of the month we will pool our coins and release them, with God’s blessing, to Haiti.

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