Relief is only a temporary solution. The Haitian economy must become self-sustaining.Servants for Haiti is encouraging this shift with new employment opportunities through entrepreneurship.


  • Continuing Education
    This program promotes education by providing Haitians with scholarships to universities and trade schools.
  • Business/Micro Loan Program
    The Biznis Pam Program is designed to teach Haitians how to run their own businesses and to provide financing for these entrepreneurs in the form of small loans. Servants for Haiti just completed its fifth class, and has 43 people working or running their own businesses.
  • Haitian Handmade
    This initiative offers an opportunity for artisans in Haiti to sell their handmade products in the United States.
  • Sewing
    With the gift of 25 sewing machines and a generator, Servants for Haiti established a program teaching people to sew as a trade. Some of those who are learning to sew become part of the Haitian Handmade program and their items are brought back to the United States to sell.
  • Trips
    Our teams work with existing organizations in Haiti by providing additional manpower and resources. During each trip to Haiti, our volunteers are put to work doing a variety of service-oriented outreaches, which include, but are not limited to: playing with children in orphanages, helping with feeding programs, painting and other manual labor. Servants for Haiti sends two teams annually. However, if you have a group that is interested in serving with us, we will consider additional trips.

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