Work Agreement in Scrum

Snooze notifications are a way to get some focus time for people the team could focus on on a moment they also want to keep for focused work. It`s worth asking if hours are out of bounds? The refinement of the backlog is a ceremony for which there is no specific time in Scrum. The hardest part is that team members have to take the time for this meeting as part of their existing sprint. It`s like saving 10% of your salary for future use. The Scrum Master should make it easier for team members and the product owner to agree on a few slots of one to two hours each, in the middle of the sprint. This will help the team plan their work for the current sprint. The purpose of backlog refinement is to make improvements to the product backlog. The refinement of the backlog takes place before the development of a user story in the current sprint (iteration). Typically, at some point in the last two sprints, the team sits down to discuss the work ahead.

We check each other in and ask, for example: Does anyone need to check our working hours now that we are all at home with our families? Maybe it`s a short conversation, but the show of empathy still has value. There are different methods for sprint retrospectives. The team should be aware of activities such as schedules, triple-nickels, team radar, and force field analysis that can help team members discover the team agreements required for the sprint retrospective. The discussion of a remote team agreement has now gained momentum, as all families work together from home. This is a new category of remote work that requires a little more empathy than in 2017. Working modalities reflect a team`s common understanding of how individuals and the team as a whole want to work with each other and their stakeholders. There are agreements that can be reached quickly, and there are some that are not that simple. There may be conflicts between team members when trying to reach a consensus. The Scrum Master plays a crucial role in helping them. Team agreements once formulated make the work environment appropriate and help the team get organized.

For Scrum teams, Scrum events can have additional meaning and relevance in these distributed times. The Daily Scrum is a point of interaction at the beginning of the day, a way to agree on expectations for the day ahead. Sprint scheduling is a similar way of setting expectations, albeit with a larger work queue. Sprint reviews are opportunities for stakeholder feedback and sprint retrospectives are a way to review and adapt the way we work. These working methods could include remote team arrangements. Ideally, the entire Scrum team participates in the backlog refinement meeting. If not everyone can participate, participants should be identified based on the current workload and tasks. After the vote, the ScrumMaster counts the votes and shares the five most important agreements with the team.

It is worth reminding the team that these are the agreements they have agreed to follow in order to be a successful team, and that they must always stick to them. If a team member does not abide by one of the agreements, the other team members must remind them. Finish the workshop with a conscious checkout process. The format chosen depends on the time remaining, the mood of the participants and the energy in the room. Departures are crucial because they help participants and facilitators leave the workshop with a sense of completeness, and they are such good indicators of the success of these meetings. This could be: In order to use the empirical theory of process control, three types of activities are needed: transparency, inspection and adaptation. I believe that a moderated conversation about remote team agreement can help a Scrum team – or any other team – be transparent about their work, review their performance, adapt, and make changes where they are needed. The “Golden Hours” describe the hours of the day when the light is perfect for photographers and filmmakers. These are the best hours of the day for productive work. Does your team know its golden hours? (Thanks to Dan Radigan for the term and Max Heiliger for sharing Dan`s excellent contribution).

Team agreements are required at each sprint ceremony. Knowing what kind of team agreement a Scrum team might need is useful for team members. This avoids conflicts. This knowledge can help them define team agreements in advance during Sprint Zero, rather than deciding what to do at the last moment, in the middle of work sprints. It can be helpful to tell a personal story of your professional or personal life where working conditions have helped. Finish the introduction by highlighting some of the benefits of working arrangements, as mentioned earlier. These five agreements should be posted in the common space of the team. .

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